A Money-Free Planet Is Common Sense!

Realistic because automation is taking over, eliminating paid labor
Realistic because General Intelligence is a subterfuge to exploit the failures of the current system
Realistic because most jobs today help fuel our destructive consumptionism
Realistic because conflicts for natural resources and arms races go hand in hand
Realistic because competition demands neglecting the planet for the sake of profits
Realistic because the world debt has reached an unbearable threshold, we're bankrupt
Realistic because it's more profitable to continue the problems allowing corruption to spin out of control
Realistic because global corporate debt is skyrocketing and is now a mega threat
Realistic because money subverts romantic emotions and friendships. Relationships are increasingly artificial
Realistic because corporations profit more from all kinds of conflicts
Realistic because corporations do not have the money to clean-up after themselves
Realistic because the world debt has enslaved several future generations
Realistic because competition encourages the conformity of the masses
Realistic because humans' body parts are now more lucrative than illegal drugs
Realistic because debts fuel inflation and erode purchasing power ever further
Realistic because consumerism without planned obsolescence wouldn't work
Realistic because profits demand neglecting human costs
Realistic because following the money twists and dictates most social behaviors
Realistic because following the money prevents going after the too 'big to fail'
Realistic because profits-seeking restricts individual options and encourages elite collusion
Realistic because the rates of human trafficking and pedophilia are beyond belief,and getting worse
Realistic because The Internet Of Things is becoming a cyber prison for the sake of power and money
Realistic because value will forever remain subjective, hence value must be enforced
Realistic because some will always control the value of the currency, hence freedom cannot be
Realistic because, one way or another, the biosphere does not allow to take more out than what one puts in.


Shifting Worlds

Profound changes are taking place worldwide and it's getting more blatant that the financial system will not help us buy our 'birthrights'. At some point, we'll have to peacefully protest, just like that of the Freedom Convoy, regardless of any financial backup, because freedom is just priceless!

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Metaphilosophy, Natural Laws, Economics, Self-Improvement, AI and Voluntaryism. Thought Provoking And Some Harsh truths That Must Be Told. A new mindset is necessary to initiate the paradigm shift. It is quite a challenge, but we won't give up!

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By the end of 2022 we'll release specific guided meditations to help raise planetary awareness using binaural beats, and also add targeted guided meditations regularly. We'll also be featuring a category dedicated to Shamanic Healing Arts.

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We're on and off on Gab, FB and sometimes on Minds. To circumvent shadowbanning, we're still pondering setting up our own forum if we'd find moderators. Volunteers welcome! Our videos are also on Rumble, but our main video platform remains Bitchute. We're also contemplating the idea of zoom meetings.

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"The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living" -- Buckminster Fuller

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It is NOW time to do something about IT! The duty is upon us today because that is what past generations have done repeatedly hoping for their children to come to the rescue. Even if it takes another 10 years to see the results of our actions, spreading the word is all that is left! The planet has run out of blue pills.


Truthful Planet is in favor of an overnight global transition toward a money-free system supported by at least 40% of the world population but that may not be possible as it is a huge political challenge. In which case, the same 40% could take the matter into their own hands and drastically reduce their consumption, taking the lead in degrowing the planetary economy. We recommend the video series of 3 about Degrowth. Degrowing the economy until ready for the transition could take up to 10 years though. Both scenarios are acceptable in our view because waiting for the 40% could also take that long. Unless there is a sudden awakening of course.


Restoring Biodiversity, Peace And Abundance On Earth

Truthful Planet is an ambitious and humbling project at once. It is dedicated to jump-starting a trend focusing on the awareness that Humanity and Nature have to be protected by seeking the termination of their monetization. Greed is a mere symptom that many see as a sole and easy explanation, while the core issue is profiting from the Earth giving away unconditionally and free of charge.

When such an immutable nurturing principle is regarded and treated as a market share, its exploitation becomes inevitable and eventually turns into pillage causing environmental destruction and human suffering to increase exponentially. Therefore Truthful Planet intends to reach out to people who have begun to seek answers or realize the impasse we are faced with - or are already in the know.

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